“The inner peace of an alert and calm mind is the source of real happiness and good health.”

- Dalajlama


What is Theta state?

Many therapists and hypnotherapists work with people in the Theta brain wave state and achieve great results with their clients and patients. Theta is a state of deep relaxation – brain waves slow down to a frequency of 4-7 cycles per second. They are in charge of the part of our mind between the consciousness and the subconsciousness. They store our memories and experiences which are responsible for our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.

By working in the Theta frequency, it is possible to get rid of negative beliefs and programs at the basic, genetic, historical and soul levels. Our body gains the ability to overcome physical disease and remove emotional blocks by removing old patterns and replacing them with new ones at each of the four levels.

The Theta Healing method is for anyone who is ready for changes in their life by working with their inner self. If you are dissatisfied, tired and overwhelmed with your everyday life, you feel empty or stuck, have recurring financial problems, are unhappy in your relationship or are affected by some disease from which you cannot see a way out, you can find help here that can change your life.

In addition to the Theta Healing therapeutic method, during my sessions, I also use Total Biology, Family Constellations, psychology and meditation techniques. I specialise in working with ancestors and family traumas.

More about Brain Waves


From 8-12 Hz
It is a state of rest and relaxation, e.g. when lying down with our eyes closed, before falling asleep and in the morning after waking up. Alpha waves are produced when we daydream, meditate, or fantasise. Alpha state is a relaxed consciousness, detached from reality. To fully understand this state, just close your eyes and start imagining something, e.g. a sunset, an ocean – this will begin the Alpha brain wave frequency. This state is also used in fast learning techniques.


From 13 to approx. 28 Hz
It is a state of readiness mainly during ordinary daily activities, sensory perception and mental work. It is a frequency produced when we think, speak, communicate and work.

Gamma waves

Above 30 Hz to 80-100 Hz
The gamma rhythm accompanies action and motor functions. The brain centres involved in imagining movement communicate with each other at a frequency of 40 Hz in a specific order, and only then is there a ‘flash’ of gamma activity in the brain centre controlling the execution of movement. This is the state used in learning and information processing. These waves stimulate the production of beta-endorphins in the body. Their appearance signifies high mental activity, including perception and awareness.

Delta waves

From approx. 0.5-3 Hz
They occur in the state of deepest sleep, during deep meditation or hypnosis.

Theta waves

4–7 Hz
The most common brain waves that occur during meditation, trance, hypnosis, intense dreaming, intense emotions. For this frequency, the train of thought becomes incoherent and logical connections disappear.


Studies have shown that certain brainwave frequencies, in particular Alpha and Theta, can:

– reduce stress
– reduce anxiety in the long term
– lead to deep physical relaxation and mental clarity
– increase verbal activity and verbal IQ
– synchronise both hemispheres of the brain
– provoke a lively, spontaneous outburst of imagination and creative thinking
– reduce pain
– stimulate the production of endorphins

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