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I am a qualified Theta Healing therapist with 6 years of experience working with clients.

I have a Master’s degree in Marketing and Business Management. I previously ran my own business in Poland and England, yet I always knew that helping people is my true passion. When I discovered the Theta Healing method, I had a feeling that it was the right path for me. Since that time, I have constantly been growing in this field and learning more and more about human consciousness as well as personal and spiritual development.

I strongly believe that we all deserve to have a life full of joy and happiness! By finding the Light in yourself, you stop being unhappy. Understanding why you are here and what your soul mission is, brings extraordinary harmony and relief. Then you know that it is not the destination that is important in life, but the journey itself. The Conscious Change can help you look at the world from a different perspective.

“It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.”

- Eckhart Tolle

– ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge (THInK):
– TH Basic DNA, London November 2016
– TH Advanced DNA, London August 2017
– TH Dig Deeper, London June 2018
– TH Intuitive Anatomy, Poland July 2018 TH
– Game of Life, Poland August 2018
– TH Manifesting and Abundance, London January 2019 TH
– Soul Mate, Poland February 2019
– TH Plans of Existence, Poland June 2019 TH
– DNA 3, Poland August 2019
– TH You and Creator, UK March 2022
– TH World Relations, UK May 2022
– TH Growing your Relationships , You & Your Significant Other, UK September 2022


“Joanna has shown me the path for my highest good. When can you ever say you have met a role model and a mentor in this day? I have met mine in Joanna. I met Joanna at a time in my life where I felt the repetitive problems were occurring in my relationships, whether it be family or my children. I knew I wanted to change, I was ready and didn’t want to pass my insecurities to my children. I wanted to be the best role model for my daughters. We have worked closely together for nearly a year and I can truly say my life is more vibrant, happy and fulfilling because I have the tools in which to succeed in the small mundane day to day tasks as well as the larger future plans. Joanna has a warm caring approach; I never feel afraid to talk to her about anything. I have full confidence and trust whenever I see her. Thank you Joanna for showing me the value of myself and increasing my vibrancy to new levels. I feel I am accomplishing what I set to do, I am grateful the universe put us together”
- Kiran
“Having used different therapy and spiritual healers for some personal healing and understanding the anxiety, I was always slightly disappointed as I did not feel that they went deep enough in my therapy. After asking a few friends for some recommendations for a spiritual guide and a healer I realised that Joanna was the one who would introduce me to Theta Healing. Joanna is simply the best there is, and having built enough trust with her with the amazing work she has done on my personal well-being, I keep returning to her. She is a delicate and accomplished hand with her healing. She takes great care to discuss the style of healing and how it will delve into past generations of healing that’s needed in order that the current / present life to not make the same mistakes / misfortunes and avoid them being repeated in this life. She took time to meet me and realise on what levels the healings needed to be done. She is very caring and personable and always takes great care to work in harmony with how I was feeling that week and day. She is a very experienced and powerful healer and I would thoroughly recommend her especially if things aren’t making sense in your life and why you are unfulfilled and anxious. Joanna helps you to break the cycle of hurt and pain. She also works in harmony with the moon and its cycle and has supported with links and pdfs to write down goals everyday in order to prevent the overthinking. If you haven’t already then book a series of healing with Joanna.”
- Rita
“I had my first session with Joanna in August 2019. Since then I’ve had about 15 sessions and also attended one of the Glastonbury retreats. To say she has helped me change my life is an understatement. She helped me face and heal a lot of unresolved trauma which was affecting my mental and physical health. Thanks to her sessions, I have let go of so many things and grown as a person. I would recommend her to those who want to change their life and are ready to put in the hard work to make it happen. She really can help you if you are open and willing. Thank you Joanna my dear friend for everything.”
- Kamma
“Joanna has helped me understand my mind more, process things from my past & has helped me develop techniques within my mind to keep the correct mindset. Each time I see her I feel a weight of the world off my shoulders! I am so grateful for all that she has helped me with.”
- Chris
“I would Highly recommend Theta healing by Joanna to everyone, it had certainly helped me. Joanna is an excellent teacher, who has put me at peace with certain aspects of my life.”
- Alison

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